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Your Favourite Recess Game Is Making A HUGE Comeback In BRIS

Handball. The game you could play with your friends or on your own, against the wall. 

The only ball that was allowed on the asphalt in the playground. But don't forget, no hat, no play!

The game is making a HUGE comeback with a festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday 22nd October.

According to the website Communify (which is the beez kneez by the way), "the festival is an all ages, alcohol free and cost free event".

The 2017 Bouncing Back Handball Festival also combines epic kids stuff like craft, face painting, a jumping castle, a BBQ and of course, for the parents taking them... coffee.

Personally, we think this is a great way to get out on a Sunday!

For more info, head to Brisbane Kids!

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