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What Do The Stars Have In Store For You This Week?

Cassandra Tyndall, the Thinkergirls Astro Girl, has your weekly guide to love, life and finances.


Relationship planet Venus returns to your sign just as the weekend arrives. Your feisty mojo is back and you’re ready to chase what you desire. A once a year cash flow boost occurs on the 24th, setting the tone for improvements with money.


The annual New Moon in sign brings a clean slate vibe. Give your whole life a spring-clean, including ditching any losers. Embrace new beginnings and new opportunities to live life your way.


Action planet Mars brings so many options, there’s a serious fear of missing out. Coffee catch-ups, dinner dates and socialising in real life and online will keep you super busy. Variety is the spice of life for you now, so keep your plans flexible.


Shameless self- promotion can help you make progress at work as Venus dips back into your career zone. A New Moon in your fortunate 11th sector will bring lucky vibes for anything that you wish to manifest.


Your patron planet, the Sun is on tour in your career sector now. You can make real progress at work by being seen. Your natural ability to lead won’t go unnoticed. Socialising and networking will keep you super busy in the upcoming weeks.


Adopting a new attitude to loans, debts or joint finance is highlighted this week. A radical solution may present itself to get you out of tricky position. Be sure to check the fine print and negotiate the terms to score a better deal.


Miscommunications, confusions or general snafus will cause drama this week. Messenger Mercury back tracks through your love zone, causing general havoc. If unsure about things, take a chill pill and do what you want instead.


New beginnings are highlighted in relationships thanks to the annual New Moon in your love zone. Any arguments, tiffs or misunderstandings can be easily forgiven as the slate has now been wiped clean.


Sexy Mars in your love zone brings a curious attitude to love. Variety is the spice of life for you now. An open mind can allow endless options for adventure and new experiences if you’re single. If attached, you could end up in hot water!


Energy planet Mars sets a punishing pace in your day-to-day routines, allowing little room for fun. Tighten up your schedule where you can because a New Moon on the 26th promises some excitement in love and romance.


With curious Mercury retrograde in your 3rd sector, you can now chill. Catching up on reading, writing, emails or general logistics will help you get organised and allow room for some much needed ‘me time.’


Problems with cashola may arise under Mercury’s retrograde phase. Check your bank balances, pay slips or follow up with slack friends who owe you money. Venus’ presence will bring you the confidence to ask for it.

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