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You're Not A LEGO Fan Unless You Have Your Head 3D Printed

LEGO ain’t just LEGO anymore.

There’s Disney Princesses, Technic, Jurassic World, Bionicle, Chima, Angry Birds, Star Wars... with so many LEGO-branded spin-offs, how can you make it a truly personal experience?

There is an Etsy store that can customise your own head to fit the body of a LEGO minifigure.

Using two “passport-style” photos, funky3Dfaces makes the tiny 3D heads with a 5mm diameter hole in the neck, which fits onto any LEGO minifig body.

They also specialise in creating these tiny noggins for wedding cake toppers, which includes genuine lego bride and groom minifigs, wedding arch, lanterns, flowers and two custom heads.

But wedding or not, this is a sweet idea for any LEGO fan. And I’m totally not talking about the kids.

Seriously. This year’s Christmas Nativity scene is going to look amazing.


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