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23-YO Dies From Blood Clot Just Weeks After Starting Pill

A young woman has died from a blood clot just weeks after she started taking the contraceptive pill, a court has heard.

Lauren Johnson, 23, had been complaining of persistent headaches and visited a hospital on September 1, 2015 for treatment, claiming that she was having trouble seeing.

Two days later, Ms Johnson's friend found her semi-conscious in her bed, telling the Dublin Coroner's Court that she was "groggy and couldn't string a sentence together".

"She complained a lot about this headache that wouldn't go away," Kevin Gannon said.

Despite being rushed to hospital, Ms Johnson died on September 7 from a blood clot and associated haemorrhage in the brain.

An inquest is seeking to understand whether Ms Johnson's death was as a result of the contraceptive pill she had recently been prescribed.

Dr Lisa Costello, a Beaumont Hospital consultant neurologist, explained to the court that the type of haemorrhage Ms Johnson suffered when the blood clot entered her brain is extremely rare, adding that she only sees two or three similar cases a year.

Ms Johnson's mother Sandra, who was overseas at the time, said that the brand of contraceptive pill her daughter was taking had a high associated risk of blood clots.

The inquest has been adjourned for further investigation into the claims.

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