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$300,000 Damage Bill For Disastrous First Date

Is this the most expensive first date ever?

A US woman was on a date with a prominent Houston lawyer when she got drunk and allegedly caused at least $US300,000 in damage to his art collection, including two Andy Warhol works.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on Saturday on criminal mischief charges after her date with Anthony Buzbee - a known fundraiser for Donald Trump.

Associated Press reports Layman was released on $US30,000 bond.

According to Buzbee, 49, Layman got drunk on their date and he called her an Uber after they got back to his place, but she refused to leave and hid inside his house.

She allegedly tore down several paintings, poured red wine on them, and threw two $US20,000 sculptures across the room, smashing them.

The damaged Warhol works are valued at $500,000, according to court documents, AP reports.

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