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99-Year-Old Aussie Breaks Swimming World Record

What an amazing story!

George Corones, a Brisbane man turning 100 in April, has proved that it is never to late to start a new adventure.

George competed in the 50 metre freestyle at Commonwealth Games trials on the Gold Coast, and broke a world record in doing so!

He was the only swimmer in his 100-104 age group, but that does not make his win any less remarkable.

George completed the swim in an epic 56.12 seconds, which I am pretty sure is much fasted than I would be able to do!

He first started swiming in primary school in Charleville, Queensland, and continued it in high school and university, but then life, as it does, took over.

"The war stopped things, and from then until I retired at 80, I didn't swim at all competitively," he told the ABC in 2013.

George only started to take swimming seriously at age 80.

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