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A Crocodile Has Been Spotted In The Brisbane River

We’ve heard of sharks, but one man claims he spotted another beast making itself at home in the Brisbane River.

According to Quest Newspapers, a crocodile was spotted swimming at Mount Crosby Weir on Australia Day.

Talking to local Tristan Van Rye, Quest reports that he was driving when he spotted the croc.

“I got out and it looked right at me, then did a weird little backpedal and dived down under the water,” he said.

While plenty of people have doubted his claim with some suggesting he probably spotted a log, the Karana Downs man said he was 100 per cent certain it wasn’t that.

Sounds like we could soon have the start of a new Hollywood blockbuster – Shark Vs Croc… who will win?!

Top Photo: Stock Images

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