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A Swimmer Has Been STRIPPED Of Their Games Medal

It was more like a wrestling match than a swimming contest as controversy has marked the Olympic 10KM marathon final finished with one competitor being STRIPPED of her medal.

French swimmer Aurelie Muller has been disqualified for pushing her Italian rival Rachel Bruni under the water at the finishing line , grappling with her after the gruelling race.

Miller and Bruni had been locked in a battle for second and it came down to a few metres after nearly two hours of swimming.

Miller didn’t want to be undone when she reached up to touch a board that stops the clock, so when she reached, she pushed Bruni under the water to stop her from touching the clock-stopper.

Bruni could not hide her delight at the decision from the Olympic judges afterwards when speaking to the Italian media.

"The French swimmer has sunk me," claimed Bruni. "At the finish she obstructed me and I could not touch the board. I am glad of the decision of the judges.”

The Netherlands' Sharon Van Rouwendaal took the gold in a time of 1:56:32.1 with Muller initially +16.6 behind and Bruni a further 0.8 back.

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