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Abandoned Baby Found On Footpath In Sydney Overnight

A newborn baby has been found by a passerby after being left abandoned on a footpath in Surry Hills overnight.

It’s reported that the child, who is believed to be between two and three weeks old, was discovered by a resident on a footpath on Bellevue St just before midnight.

The baby was found on the ground near a grate that covered a hole to an underground window and police set up a crime scene at the location. Officers took a number of items from the scene including a beer bottle and metal mesh that had been covering the grate.

Inspector Peter Eastman said that the baby was okay and is recovering in St Vincent’s hospital for a health check.

A woman who had been at a nearby pub said that she heard a car rev up loudly on the street before police arrived at the scene.

“It was a white range rover, that was about 40 minutes before the police came and spoke with us,” said the woman.

It is believed that the mother has now been located but she claims that the baby was not abandoned.

Police investigations are ongoing along with enquiries from the NSW Department of Community & Family Services.

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