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Alleged Mehajer Conspirator Blames Lawyer For Car Crash

Salim Mehajer and Ahmed Jaghbir. Photo: Instagram

One of the conspirators allegedly involved in staging Salim Mehajer's car crash has apparently been recorded claiming that his lawyer was also involved in the incident. 

Ahmed Jaghbir, 28, was arrested earlier this year and charged with perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to cheat and defraud.

According to court documents, Jaghbir was allegedly captured by a surveillance device saying that Mehajer's own lawyer had told him to stage the crash in October 2017 .

Mehajer was involved in the crash with a woman at a Lidcombe intersection while he was driving to a court hearing to face charges of assaulting a taxi driver.

Mehajer was cut out of his car and taken to hospital.

Since then seven people including Mehajer have been charged over the crash, with police alleging Mehajer's car was insured at an inflated price just nine days before, and the crash also resulted in him avoiding court.

Mehajer and all of the alleged conspirators have denied all allegations against them.

Police allege surveillance of Jaghbir captured him saying he was told by lawyer Brett Galloway to organise the collision.

"You know who's the one who told me to do it? Yeah you know who told me to do it... Brett Galloway," Jaghbir allegedly said.

"He goes 'you f---ing idiot, you've caused the biggest accidents in Australia you c---. Cause an accident for him'. Exact words that come out of his mouth."

Another man allegedly asked Jaghbir: "What's the cause? What can he do? What's he gonna get out of it?"

Jaghbir allegedly replied: "It's buying him time."

Mehajer is also facing charges of possessing and supplying prescription drugs including Endone and Targin - also known as oxycodone - and Alprax, better known as Xanax.

Police allegedly uncovered more than 200 tablets at Mehajer's Lidcombe home during a search last year.


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