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Alleged Sydney Home Invader's Bizarre Final Moments Revealed

The story behind the death of a competitive weightlifter who died in a confrontation with a Sydney father after breaking into his family home is now coming to light.

Bradley Soper, 35, has been identified as the intruder who lost consciousness and later died after a struggle with father-of-one Francois Schwartz.

Mr Soper, who was named 'Asia's Strongest Man' in 2017, had suffered several tragedies in recent times, his friends have revealed.

Police understand the personal trainer entered the Schwartz home in Harrington Park, in Sydney's south-west, on Sunday morning through an open garage door.

Mr Schwartz, a business analyst from South Africa, was woken by his dog barking and then found the muscular intruder hiding in his living room.

The house was trashed and Mr Soper was crouched behind a couch in the living room.

A physical struggle then broke out and Mr Soper lost consciousness, went into cardiac arrest and later died.

Friends of Mr Soper told The Daily Telegraph he was a kind person, however he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and been to hospital suffering kidney failure.

The ABC has reported that Mr Soper is also understood to have been battling a cocaine addition prior to his death.

He was described by a neighbour as appearing 'zombie-like' moments before the incident.

It's understood Mr Soper crawled under a balustrade on his way to the house that was around half-a-metre in height.

Mr Schwartz reportedly found the man soaking wet wearing only a singlet and shorts after he apparently went for a swim in the family's pool.

Mr Schwartz is understandably said to be extremely shaken after the altercation just metres away from his young child and his wife. 

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