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An Australian Mum Is SUING Doctors Over The Birth Of Her Son

A mother is suing the public health system and her doctor for hundreds of thousands of dollars because she is raising a child she did not want.

The 20-year-old from country Victoria, went to see her GP for a termination following a home pregnancy test.

However, the test did not work and the woman gave birth to a healthy young boy named ‘Cooper’.

The woman is claiming her doctors told her on three separate occasions that she may still be pregnant but failed to organise an ultrasound to confirm this.

A blood test was performed by the doctors, which indicated she had high levels of the hormone known as chorionic gonadotrophin, indicating a pregnancy was still possible.

Further blood tests showed the same results and it was then confirmed she was 20-weeks pregnant.

The Victorian woman is now claiming negligence and wants compensation after being 'exposed to the cost of supporting and raising Cooper.' 

This includes covering food, clothing and schooling expenses, which would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The specific amount she is seeking has not been disclosed.  

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