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An Australian Woman Has Been Shot Dead In America

An Australian woman has been shot dead by police in the US city of Minneapolis.

The Star Tribune reported that police responded to reports of a possible assault at around 11:30PM on Saturday night, local time.

One police officers then fired their weapon, killing the 40-year-old woman.

Media reports suggest the woman was behind her property when her step-son-to-be called the police after he “heard noise in the alley.”

"Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S. just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday," the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension told the Star Tribune.

"At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman.

"The BCA's investigation is in its early stages.

"More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete ...

"The officers' body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident.

"Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists."

The woman is understood to have been engaged to an American man.

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