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Ashy Bines' Customers Seeing Red After Ongoing Issues

The Ashy Bines empire is said to be on a mission to listen, support, encourage and help. 

But some customers claim they found the opposite in recent complaints to the company. 

Unauthorised credit card payments, unexplained cancellation of 'lifelong' memberships and censorship of consumer complaints and feedback online have left a portion of consumers up in arms. 

And while Bines' representation refute the claims, blaming a vocal vast minority, those who have been allegedly scorned refuse to stay quiet. 

The 29-year-old fitness guru has dipped her toe in workout challenges, meal plans, activewear and all encompassing store-fronts in Queensland. 

One disappointed customer, Claire Oakley, told news.com.au that she was shocked that after signing up for the Booty app with a one off fee that over 12 months later they were still direct debiting an amount around $40 from her bank each month - totalling $600. 

It took her card being declined while grocery shopping for her to go back through her account and notice the transactions. 

“I went back through my transaction history, to find that every month, a similar amount had come out, never the same amount but around the $40 mark, totalling over $600," Oakley told news.com.au.

“At first, I was so disappointed in myself for not picking it up. I blamed myself for being stupid enough to not notice that coming out of my bank.”

When challenging the charges, the soon-to-be mother was told it was due to signing up to 'The Life' program - which she is certain she never signed up for. 

Claire is now escalating the issue and taking the case to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

Meanwhile, other customers have been stung after signing up to the "Finishers" app, which had a one-off payment, guaranteeing 'lifetime access'. 

It seems that app is now defunct and has been replaced by the 'Squad' app, which charges by the month. 

An entire Instagram feed is even dedicated to issues with Ashy Bines' programs and products. 

And with a following of 14.1k people and 362 posts, there are no doubt a number of disgruntled users. 

When approached by news.com.au, an Ashy Bines representative said the company was “an open book with nothing to hide”.

“Out of the hundreds of thousands of happy and long term customers, sometimes the loudest are a very small percentage that may not be happy with the service or those that have not read the Terms and Conditions when signing up/purchasing,” the representative said.

“Our T and Cs are clearly laid out and accessible on the appropriate website and in the Apple and Android App stores. A number of the concerns raised seem to be centred around misinformation without all of the facts of each individual customer/purchase.

“As a business, our number one focus is giving our clients a positive experience. Our strong community is built from repeat customers. Our intention is to always build our community and provide customers with the best possible service.

“If there has been any wrongdoing or mistakes, we will own up to that. In saying that, we are highly confident in our customer service and support teams ability. They are passionate individuals whose end goal aligns with ours, all wanting to make a difference by helping girls to lead and live a healthier and happier life.”

h/t: news.com.au

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