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Aussie Olympians Robbed During Fire Evacuation In Rio

Things aren’t going well for our Aussie athletes in the Rio Olympic village.

First there were problems with the accommodation, with blocked toilets and leaky pipes forcing officials to delay athletes from moving into the lodgings.

Now, some opportunistic thieves have robbed them during a fire evacuation.

Two laptops and team shirts were stolen from the vacant rooms after a fire in the basement of the Aussie athletes’ accommodation.

It’s believed a cigarette tossed by a local worker into piles of rubbish sparked the fire.

Around 100 athletes and officials were evacuated at around 4.40am on Friday.

Officials have since taken the precaution to install security guards on all floors of the building.

The Games officially kick off this August 5.

h/t: News.com.au; Top Photo: AAP

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