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Aussies Laid Back About Australia Day Date

Many Australians aren't worried about changing the national day of commemoration from January 26, a new poll shows.

There's been a renewed push to change the date, which marks European arrival in Australia, because it is painful for many indigenous people.

The Australia Institute conducted a poll of 1417 people about their attitude to Australia Day.

"This polling shows that while Australia Day is important to most Australians, most people are laid back about the date we celebrate on," Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of the institute said on Thursday.

"When asked to choose which date Australia Day should be celebrated on, less than a quarter chose the current date from a range of options."

Half agreed that Australia Day should not be on a day that is offensive to indigenous Australians, while 36 per cent disagreed.

However, only 37 per cent agreed that the current date of Australia Day was offensive to indigenous Australians, while 46 per cent disagreed.


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