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Australia’s Gender Pay Gap To Last Another Five Decades

The fixed gender pay gap is expected to remain in Australian workplaces until at least 2067.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency boss, Elizabeth Lyons, confirmed the time frame, after being questioned during the Senate estimate hearings.

According to Ms Lyons, the agency was only three years into collecting data on the pay gap which still favours men and "will remain a persistent feature of the Australian economy for years to come".

There is no quick solution here, and Australia is not the only country that is facing this issue.

The US, France and Italy could be at least 100 years away.

The Australian Public Service Remuneration Report found that women in the public sector are paid on average 8.6% less than their males and 19.6% in the private sector.

Analysis has shown, however, that the gap in salaries has dropped from 23.9% to 23.1% in a year – which is approximately $100,000 to $93,000.

For more information, head to: https://www.wgea.gov.au/

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