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Baby Dies After Hospital Tell Parents Nothing Wrong.

A baby boy who died after suffering from a deadly disease, had allegedly been sent home from TWO Perth hospitals and a GP with nothing but paracetamol.

Malakai Matui Paraone died in Princess Margaret Hospital on Friday, just four days after his parents said they were laughed out of the emergency room.

Nicole Thompson and Keps Parone have appeared on Perth’s Nine News accusing doctors of negligence and demanding answers.

Ms Thompson told Nine that she first took the seven-month-old to Midland Hospital with a fever, rash and no movement on the right side of his body.

She said that she was told her baby was ‘teething’ and had a pulled elbow before being laughed at that the two were linked.

The next day, Malakai began to vomit and his heart rate had shot up.

He was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital by ambulance, where he was assessed on a change table.

He was given panadol to reduce his heart rate and sent home, again, with no diagnosis.

On Wednesday, Ms Thompson took her boy to a doctor on the other side of Perth, where she was told he had a virus and ‘nothing could be done’.

That night, Malakai was dropped at his grandmother's, who quickly rushed him to the hospital.

Within hours he was placed in intensive care.

Ms Thompson went on to say that they were told he had meningococcal and she and her partner, with their older son, were given antibiotics as a precaution.

The next day, Malakai’s life support was switched off and he died.

'Three days I tried to get him help. Three days, two hospitals, one doctor’s surgery, an ambulance trip,' Ms Thompson told Nine News.

'If they had done their job properly my son would still be here. They know they have done wrong.'

Ms Thompson has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses, and in eight hours had almost reached its $7,000 goal with more than 130 donations.

Source: Daily Mail

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