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Australian Parents Reveal Horror During Nice Terror Attack

An Australian couple on holiday in Nice said the Bastille Day attack happened just beyond the balcony of their rented apartment.

Melbourne parents Danae and Sasha Goldsmith have told of the chilling moment they heard gunshots and pulled their children to the ground during the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

The couple were in their apartment with their two daughters, aged five and seven, when a truck drove at speeds over 60km/h into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day fireworks on the famous Promenade des Anglais.

The attack killed at least 80 innocent people – many of them children.

Mrs Goldsmith told Channel Nine of the terror.

“We got them down… and told them it was fireworks. We said sometimes people put fireworks up in the crowd,” Mrs Goldsmith said.

“So we just put them to bed, they haven’t seen any of this which is good.”


Sasha Goldsmith shared this photo on his Facebook page.

Mrs Goldsmith sent updates to friends and family during the horror via social media.

“Terrorists outside our balcony… gunshots, people killed," she wrote.

"Barrackaded (sic) in apartment, truck is outside… all ok… told the girls it was more fireworks… scared to go anywhere… got to get the girls away.”


Mourners on the streets of Nice.

Thousands have taken to Twitter in response to the attack, sharing messages of solidarity and tributes to friends and family lost in the terror.

One of the most heart-breaking but symbolic images of the attack is that of a young child’s body on the street covered with a gold sheet. Lying next to the child is a small doll in a pink dress.

Julie Bishop has confirmed three Australian’s were injured in the attack.

Need help? Contact the 24-hour consular assistance line on 1300 555 135.

Pictures: Twitter

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