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Australian Catholic School May Get 'Gender-Neutral' Uniform

A co-ed Catholic secondary school in NSW will consider allowing students to wear a gender-neutral uniform to class.

The principal of Trinity Catholic College in Lismore raised the issue in a letter to parents about the pastoral care of two students with gender identity issues.

"One issue this situation has clearly raised is the lack of a more gender-neutral uniform options at the college. We will be investigating this option in the near future," Brother John Hilet wrote in the letter posted on social media.

Recently, two students, who identified as male but were born female, came forward to Brother Hilet.

"This was the first time I have been presented with this situation," he wrote in the letter dated August 25.

The principal plans to address all students at morning assembly on Monday on "difference and respect".

"I have assured both students that they are welcome at Trinity Catholic College and we will do what we can to assist them at this time, including addressing them by their preferred name."


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