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Australia's Census Website Is STILL DOWN But It'll Be Back!

An estimated 16 million Australians attempted to log on to the census website on Tuesday night and were met with error messages, telling them the system was ‘overloaded’ before the website crashed.

At 8PM on Tuesday, an error message or a blank page appeared when users tried to log onto the website.

Hackers have taken responsibility for the website being down and it appears the ABS think they will be able to get the website back up in time for 9AM.

The website was shut down following numerous attacks.

After 40 minutes of crashing, the ABS finally tweeted ‘’The ABS & Census websites are currently experiencing an outage. We're working to restore the service. We will keep you updated. Thank you."

Late on Tuesday evening, the Bureau conceded that the issue was not a quick fix and the website will remain down until early Wednesday morning, saying ‘’ABS & Census website are unavailable. The service won't be restored tonight. We will update you in AM. We apologise for the inconvenience.’’

ABS have said that no data has been stolen and Australians can ''feel safe.''

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