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Barber In China ‘SHAVES’ Eyeballs To Improve People’s Vision


A report of a new trend in a bid to improve your eyesight has emerged, and we have to say, it’s an eye-opening… and not for the faint of heart.

A barbershop in China has been captured using a sharp razor to give a customer a traditional treatment, known as the ‘eyeball shaving.’

The treatment involves the barber scraping along the customer’s upper and lower eyelid using the blade before rolling a metal ball-tipped rod under the eyelid for a ‘deep cleanse.’

It’s not the scraping of the actual eyeball, contrary to popular belief.

Only a handful of barbers in Chengdu are capable of carrying out the traditional treatment, which means you need to do your research and make sure the person performing the treatment is qualified, you know… if you were thinking of having an eyeball scrape.

62-year-old barber, Xiong Gaowu, said he only offered the service to customers over 30 years old, as younger people tend not to have any 'dirt' in their eyes.

To start the process, Mr Xiong first puts iodine solution on the razor for sterilisation.

He then adds eye drops onto the blade. Mr Xiong then flips down the customer's lower eyelid, sweeping the blade on the customer's waterline - the tiny strip between one's eyelash line and the eyeball - for about 30 seconds.

This is to scrape off the dirt and dust that's trapped between the skin and the eyeball.

Then he repeats the same procedure on the upper lid.


Source: Daily Mail

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