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Barnaby Joyce Denies Drunken Bottom Pinch From 2011

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has denied the accusation that he drunkenly pinched a woman's bottom.

The incident is alleged to have occurred seven years according to The Daily Telegraph.

The woman claims Mr Joyce was "very, very drunk" at an event following the Rural Women's Agricultural Awards in Canberra in 2011 when he pinched her after she confronted him about his interaction with another woman.

The unnamed woman claims that, "I went over to the bar and he was very, very drunk and nearly falling over,"  

"I said 'Barnaby, I think you should go home. You're very drunk'.

"He leant over and he pinched my bottom."

Both the newspaper and Fairfax have quoted text messages sent to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's senior adviser Sally Cray back in 2015 in which she was alerted to Mr Joyce's behaviour.

The text messages were sent by John Clements, a former chief advisor to Mr Joyce's political nemesis Tony Windsor.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce has denied the incident and said the minister did not attend a pub or nightclub where the incident allegedly occurred after the awards night.


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