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Big W Under Fire Following a BIG Mistake

Big W have come under fire after one of their customers claimed she was charged extra for swapping an item that had come off sale.

Leah Winter took to social media saying, that she bought a pair of thongs on special for $5 but when she returned to the store to exchange them because they were the wrong size, she was charged an additional $5 because they were no longer on sale.

“I had my receipt that showed I paid $5 but I got charged another $5 as they were no longer on special,” she wrote.

“I thought because I had the receipt that it was ok to just do a swap. And as the shoes were on the wrong hanger to begin with and was not my fault, should I have not been charged anyway?

“I may be wrong, but I know other stores still swap items over for the sale price paid and not charge the extra.” 

The retail giant has requested Ms Winter contact them so they can review the scenario, but that has not stopped other shoppers howling down the store. 

“I have never been charged extra for swapping items regardless of the original or paid for price,”

wrote Natalie Griffiths while Natasha Rankins posted, “U shouldn’t have had to pay more.”

Another shopper wrote, “you shouldn't have been charged ... if you didn't have your receipt they would have done a straight swap ... so you shouldn't be penalised for having your receipt.”

Source: Courier Mail 

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