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Body Found In The Freezer Of Family Home After 18 Years

There's been a chilling find in a Croatian village on Saturday. 

Jasmina Dominic's body has been found in the freezer of her family home in Pavlovec, a small village to the north of Zagreb.

She was last seen in 2000 as a 23-year-old and her elder sister Smiljana Srnec has been detained by police. 

The family had repeatedly told police that Jasmina was living in another country and as a result they never ended up giving the house a thorough check. 

"They (family) turned us in other directions," Police spokesman Nenad Risak said.

"We checked the house (during the investigation) ... but didn't have information anything could have happened at home."

The country has been left baffled by the sheer absurdity of the case and are heartbroken by the tragedy of it. 

Hopefully this new evidence and discovery of a body can lead investigators in the right direction to lay the case to rest. 

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