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Brisbane Murderer And Child Rapist Jailed For Life

A violent career criminal who murdered a mother and then raped her child has been sentenced to life in jail.

Jacob Michael Smith used bedding to smother and strangle the woman, who for legal reasons can't be identified, while she lay sleeping alongside her ill young daughters in their Brisbane home in August 2014.

He then woke her 12-year-old daughter, told her he was going to make a woman of her and carried her to her mother's bed where he raped her.

The 41-year-old fought allegations including murder, rape, and attempted rape at Supreme Court trial but later pleaded guilty to all charges except murder, for which he was later found guilty.

On Thursday he was sentenced to at least 25 years in jail, five more years than the standard non-parole period due to his lengthy and violent history and the nature of his crimes.


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