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Brisbane Sacked Bus Driver Snapped Up In New Job!

Yesterday news came through that the bus driver who was driving on the day that a five year old prep student went missing had been sacked from his role with Logan Coaches. 

But after a public outcry it seems he has been snapped up by another company. 

Ross Belsham, 79, has now been employed by charter company Brisbane 360 and is reportedly happy with the move. 

On January 22 a five year old school student was reported missing after she fell asleep unaccompanied on a school bus driven by Belsham. 

After the axe fell on the 79 year old drive, multiple members of the public called for the school, her mother and the chartering company to also be held responsible. 

Alyssa Jade New was not reported missing until after she was due home, when her mother raised the alarm.

Questions were raised as to why a prep student was allowed to catch a school bus home on her own - especially without a parent or guardian at the bus stop on the other end to ensure her safe return home. 

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