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Brisbane Toddler Spends Seven Hours Trapped In Bath Drain

A Brisbane toddler has suffered a seven hour ordeal after getting her hand stuck in a bath drain.

Fifteen month old Olivia had to be rescued by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services when her mum discovered the toddler’s hand stuck following her bath.

Talking to 9News, Kiara Hampton said she quickly realised she wouldn’t be able to free Olivia’s hand without help.

“I tried to pick her up and then realised that her hand was stuck,” she said.

“I got liquid soap and was squirting down the drain to try and pull her fingers out, after that didn’t work I knew that I needed an ambulance.”


A fire brigade, ambulance and plumber were all involved in the massive operation which saw them partially destroy the bathtub and drill through another apartment’s roof.

Initially the crew tried to cut the pipe, however in the end they had to remove the entire bath with toddler and dad inside.

Despite the jack hammers the toddler slept during the ordeal.

Her father, Tim Austin, said they would have quite literally been stuck without their help.

“Obviously without them we never would have even got close to getting them out, she might have lost her fingers, she might have broken them,” he said.

In the last year QFES have responded to more than fifty household incidents involving children.

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