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Brisbane's Train Pain Is About To Get Even Worse!

A week after more than 100 train services were cancelled, we’re being warned to expect even more train pain on the daily commute.

The driver shortage that has crippled Brisbane’s train network could again see more unexpected cancellations, according to The Courier Mail.

Queensland Rail’s Acting Chief Operations Officer Martin Ryan warned commuters to check Translink’s website before their commute.

“In the event of a higher than usual level of unplanned leave on Friday, there may be extensive impacts on service delivery,” he told the paper.

“We have planned alternative bus services across parts of the network if this eventuates.”

It’s believed the problem is the result of drivers being forced to cover other shifts over the past week.

Under safety restrictions, crews are not allowed to work more than 12 days in a row.

As a result, some drivers would be forced to take “unplanned leave”.

Queensland Rail’s chief executive and board chairman have both resigned over the debacle.

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