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The Brisbane Suburb You’re Most Likely To Have A Crash

If you’re driving along Logan Road in Mount Gravatt, you best be on the lookout because it’s earned the title of Brisbane’s worst accident hotspot.

The road has earned the less than impressive title after climbing from fifth place according to data released by AAMI.

Knocking Gympie Road at Chermside from the top spot, AAMI’s Jake Krausmann said congestion during peak times made it particularly dangerous.

“Logan Road has a number of busy intersections through Mount Gravatt, especially at Kessells Road and Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Road. It’s also a key entrance and exit point to the main highway,” he said.

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“Recently completed upgrades in the region are also attracting more people to an already heavily populated area.

“While Gympie Road dropped a few spots to number three, the road continues to carry a high volume of traffic, including extra heavier vehicles due to current infrastructure upgrades in the area.”

Coming in second place was Mains Road at Sunnybank, while Gympie Road at Chermside and Aspley took out the third and fourth spots. Rounding out the list was Caloundra Road in Caloundra.

According to the insurance company, more than a quarter of accidents were blamed on carelessness with 70 per cent of people believe it could have been avoided.

“Driver distraction continues to be a common behaviour amongst motorists, and in some cases a key contributor to accidents. Technology, and engagement with digital devices has provided an additional motive for distraction,” Mr Krausmann said.

One in four drivers surveyed admitted to sending a text message, or answering a call without hands free while driving - despite nearly 85 per cent believing that drivers should not use a mobile while driving even if they were careful.

“Pleasingly, of those who had experienced an accident in the past five years nearly 50 per cent have changed their driving behaviour since their accident,” Mr Krausmann said.

“And interestingly more than three quarters of drivers believed tougher penalties for unsafe behaviour would reduce accidents.”

Brisbane’s Top Five Accident Hotspots

#1. Logan Road, Mount Gravatt

#2. Mains Road, Sunnybank

#3. Gympie Road, Chermside

#4. Gympie Road, Aspley

#5. Caloundra Road, Caloundra

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