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Cancer Fraudster Belle Gibson Spends $15,000 On Luxury Trip

Serial liar Belle Gibson has reportedly spent $15,000 on a luxury African safari instead of paying her $410,000 fine for ripping off charities and cheating cancer sufferers. 

The "wellness blogger" scammed $578,000 from more than 300,000 cancer patients by pretending to have cured terminal brain cancer with her diet. She conned them all into buying her Whole Pantry cookbook, and app for $3.49 each with the promise her advice would cure them just like her. 

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She also lied to supporters about donating money to various charities, including a boy with inoperable brain cancer.  

Instead of apologising and paying her fine, which was issued in September 2017, the 27-year-old has kept a low profile and avoided all court appearances.

In last night's episode of A Current Affair, Gibson was seen landing at Melbourne Airport earlier this week after a five-week luxurious trip to East Africa with her fiancé and nine-year-old son.


A source close to the family claimed the trio flew on Qantas and enjoyed a safari which all up cost approximately $15,000.

Since receiving her fine 18 months ago, the serial liar has not paid a cent despite Federal Court Justice Debra Mortimer issuing her a warning in November. Failure to pay the penalty would make her liable for jail, property seizures or other measures.

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Mother-of-two Kylie Willey initially avoided lifesaving chemotherapy for her lymphoma to follow Gibson's diet, and believes the ex-blogger should pay the fine or receive jail time.

Fortunately, the 42-year-old was persuaded by her doctors and nurses to continue treatment, and is now in remission.

"It makes my blood boil, she was my inspiration and her advice could have killed me," she told A Current Affair.

"I don't think she even believes she's done anything wrong, otherwise she'd be paying her fines, not living this high life.

"How come her passport hasn't had to be handed in, how come she can get away with this?"

At the moment, Australia has no orders which prevents someone who owes a fine from leaving the country if there are no warrants in their name and they haven't been made bankrupt.

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