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Centrelink Have Been SLAMMED For The One That Upsets Us ALL

A whopping nearly 29 million calls to Centrelink got a busy signal in the past year as the welfare agency's performance in answering its phones somehow got even worse.

According to The Age, the agency's parent department told Senate Estimates on Thursday night that another 7 million calls had been "abandoned" with customers not prepared to wait any longer to have their calls taken.

The previous year, about 22 million phone calls to Centrelink went unanswered with the welfare agency blaming emergencies and a complex payment system for its worsening performance.

The Human Services hierarchy have stressed that these figures did not mean that 29 million individual customers had received engaged tones. With Department Secretary Kathryn Campbell being quoted by The Age saying ‘smartphones were enabling customers to call back 70 or 80 times in rapid succession.’

Ms Campbell also said that a call being "abandoned" before being answered was not necessarily a bad thing.

"I'll just flag the definition of abandoned because abandoned sounds like that might be a negative outcome [but] sometimes a customer might receive the information they need from the recordings and choose to exit the queue," the DHS boss said.

Phone lines have remained a major cause of frustration for Centrelink customers.

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Source: The Age

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