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How One Clive Palmer Text Made The Nation Roll Their Eyes

You know that anticipation you get when you hear your phone ring (or buzz because let's face it, it's always on silent)? 

Who could it be? The bestie? Your crush? Probably just mum...

Did anyone else have that depressing moment this week when you realised it's only a spam message from Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party? 


Yeah, us too. 

But what did give us a giggle is the irony in one of the messages he tried to force down our throats. 

Basically the UAP told us they would ban spam texts from political parties if elected... by sending us all a spam text. 

Good one, Clive. 

Really ram that message home. 

To be fair this is the same political leader demanding the government stop the personal attacks in the media... then releases a computer game where he jumps on and squashes (kills??) his competitors on the same day.

And basically plagiarized Donald Trump's campaign slogan... 

But who are we to judge? 


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