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Cops Discover Nine Dismembered Bodies Hidden In Eskies

Police in Japan walked into a real-life house of horrors when they uncovered the dismembered bodies of at least nine people in an apartment southwest of Tokyo.

Takahiro Shiraishi was under investigation in relation to the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman when cops paid him a visit at home and made the gruesome discovery.

Body parts belonging to the victim and eight others were found scattered around the apartment, hidden in eskies and covered over with kitty litter in attempt to mask the smell.

Two severed heads, however, were found by the front door as was a saw, believed to have been used to dismember the bodies.

"I thought it smelled like sewage," one neighbour told Japan Times. "It was something I never smelled before."

It's alleged that 27-year-old Shiraishi admitted his crimes to police, saying: "It's true that I tried to hide the bodies of the people I killed to destroy evidence."

The woman who led investigators to Shiraishi's door was reported missing on October 21st by her brother, who had seen Shiraishi and his sister speaking on Twitter.

It's believed the pair met on a website for people with suicidal thoughts and that the victim was "looking for someone to commit suicide with."

DNA testing has begun on the remains of the other eight bodies in an effort to identify them.

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