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Customers Of Gumtree Left Stunned By A Big Policy Change

One of Australia’s biggest classified websites has broken its promise to stop selling pets online, sparking fury from welfare groups that say it promotes puppy farms.

Gumtree Australia vowed to remove pet lists and only feature those from rescue groups in August 2014.

However, the Herald Sun is reporting that they have seen emails that claim the website was ‘thrilled’ to make the commitment before later backflipping and sang it was a ‘miscommunication.’

Animals Australia investigator Lyn White AM said she was “profoundly disappointed”.

Ms White said that they found Gumtree had a ‘shocking’ noncompliance rate following an investigation taking out five months ago.

In Victoria, only 26 per cent of the listings allowed buyers to view the animals facilities, while just 56 per cent were vaccinated.

Gumtree’s Pet Code of practice says sellers must provide: microchip and vaccination details; allow buyers to visit the facilities and pup’s parents; while non-registered breeders can’t charge more than $500 per pooch.

The terms also state that Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentino (Argentinian fighting dogs), Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian fighting dogs), Japanese Tosas and Mi Perro de Presa Canario, cannot be sold on the site.

Gumtree spokeswoman Kirsty Dunn said the pet category closure was a “miscommunication” and it was not in their plans.

Instead, they will “facilitate freedom of trade within the boundaries of the law''.

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