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Delivery Company Lose $846,648 Cheque, Offer $32 Refund

Well, this is awkward.

In Canada, UPS has lost an inheritance cheque worth $846,648 (AU $863,653, which seems like almost the same, but hey, you just made $17,000!), mailed by Lorette Taylor, the daughter of Dr Louis Hebert, to her brother Louis Paul Herbert.

As a result, UPS has refunded the postage costs of $32 (AU $32.64 if you're still enjoying the currency conversion) and a letter of apology.  No word on if they mailed it or not.

But how did they get to this point?  Couldn't they just cancel the cheque and try again?  Where did the letter go?

One question at a time guys.  Geeeezzzzzz...

Lorette was in charge of finalising Dr Lousi Herbert's estate after he passed away in 2015 and distributing the inheritance equally between his 3 children.  So far so good.

When it was all settled, her bank recommended she use a bank draft to send the money across.  This means the bank immediately take the money from her account and hold it until the draft is cashed by the recipient.  They assured her there were "procedures" to deal with the unlikely event the draft was lost.

Lorette's lawyer then sent the cheque to Herbert who lives 270 miles away (432.5 km in Australian dollars), who went to pick it up, only to be told it had been lost.

Dodgy lawyer?  Nope.  The package was definitely sent, with tracking confirming it has made it to a distribution centre, but then it the trail went cold.  UPS looked under the fridge, behind the couch and presumably in the glove compartment of the pickup (AU-glovebox of the AU-ute) if there were any in the vicinity.  They couldn't find anything (AU-diddly squat).

So, they offered to refund the postage, printed out a sorry letter and assumed that'd be the end of it.

Except Herb is down $846,648 and seems to be unsatisfied about the $32 refund (presumably paid to his sister or her lawyer).

And now the bank has come back and said those "procedures" they were talking about, involve Lorette PAYING THE ENTIRE AMOUNT IF SOMEONE FINDS THE DRAFT AND CASHES IT, as it turns out the "procedures" do not include one regarding cancelling the draft if it's lost.

To prove she can pay it, the bank demanded that Lorette put a loan against her house, which she's refused.  She reckons is someone finds and cashes the cheque, UPS should have to pay it.  Fair enough.

Herb sums it up perfectly: "I should have just driven. It's something I kick myself in the rear (AU-bum) over every day."

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