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Drive-Thru Worker Accused Of Wiping BODILY FLUIDS On Burgers

An 18-year-old fast food worker has been accused of wiping her own "menstrual blood and saliva" on a customer's drive-thru order.

Police believe that Sky Juliette Samuel, who worked at Jack's Family Restaurant in Mississippi, committed the disgusting act on January 7, at around 10.20pm.

According to texts sent by Samuel's co-worker, a customer attending the drive-thru "got a attitude [sic]", leading Samuel to put her finger "in her pants and put it on the bread" before "licking the cheese".

The co-worker in question then told her own mother, who made the explosive claims public in a now-viral Facebook post.

"My daughter saw another worker put her period blood and lick cheese that went on a customer's burger," Tabatha Hollins wrote. "My daughter told the assistant that was on duty and the assistant still brought the food out to the customer."

Hollins goes on to explain that they tried to get in contact with the restaurant's general manager, before going to "corporate, who again did nothing."

Now, Hollins is alleging that her daughter is the one standing to lose her job.

"They called my daughter in today and told her she was to resign or quit," a furious Hollins continued. "When she asked why, they told her because her family made false reports!"

Since the post, though, the woman who ordered the tainted burger has come forward to file a criminal complaint; Samuel now faces charges of "knowingly selling unwholesome bread or drink", which carries a potential five-year jail sentence.

In a Facebook post that has since been delighted, Samuel launch a scathing attack on the customer to a friend who asked what had happened.

"Lol sh*t kms!" the mother-of-one wrote. "The b*tch shouldn't have gotten smart n said all sh*t she said over intercom mfs act like the ain't never did no stupid sh*t idgaf about this sh*t tbf."

The Mississippi Health Department is also involved in an investigation.

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