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Disturbing Footage Of Central Station Shooting Emerges

Disturbing footage of last night's fatal shooting at Sydney's Central Station has been posted online by shocked witnesses.

The clips, one of which was taken as the man was shot four times by NSW Police, were uploaded to Twitter just hours after the incident, which occurred at about 6.45pm on Wednesday evening.

In the first video, the man can be seen running at officers and brandishing a pair of scissors; as he gets closer to police, the camera pans down to the ground as they fire four times.

The same Twitter user then uploaded a second clip showing the now-injured man lying on the ground, surrounded by a number of people.

"Police was trying to help him CPR or something, but he's died at scene," the caption reads.

The third shows a similar scene, although more people begin gathering around the man.

News of the shooting first broke at about 8pm last night, with a follow-up statement released by NSW Police just after 10.30pm.

"A male of Asian appearance has died following that confrontation with the police," Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton confirmed.

"A critical incident team from the homicide squad will now investigate all the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the discharge of a police firearms during the confrontation with the man."

Witness reports suggest that the man was seen threatening a florist at the Eddy Avenue entrance to Central Station with a pair of scissors in an attempt to hold-up the shop; when police responded to the incident, the man refused to lower the scissors and was shot in the chest at close range.

"One of the policemen went inside the shop... and as soon as a man was about to run, I saw the policeman shooting him," witness Sami Aryal told the ABC. "He was shot and he was straight to the floor.

"People were scared, they were shouting. As soon as the incident happened they asked us to sit over here and they sealed the place."

Another onlooker said that the man was using the scissors to "cut his own face, crying out that he wanted to die."

More as we get it.

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