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Dreamworld's Oldest Tiger Rama Has Passed Away

Dreamworld's oldest tiger, Rama, has passed away age 19. 

He was the last surviving member of the Awesome Pawsome. 

According to Dreamworld he was humanely put down due to health concerns. 

"Rama enjoyed a long and happy life at Dreamworld living an incredible 19 years, with the life expectancy of tigers in the wild being about 10-12 years," Dreamworld's statement said. 

"He was dearly loved by his Dreamworld family and will be remembered for his strong-willed, sometimes cheeky behavior, and his love of running, jumping and swimming on Tiger Island, as well as strolls with his handlers around the park each morning.

"Rama played an important role in raising awareness for the plight of tigers in the wild and with only up to 4,000 tigers left in the wild, it is so crucial that we continue our tiger conservation efforts to make sure these beautiful creatures have a real fighting chance well into the future."

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