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Dying Chimp Gets A Visit From An Old Friend

Chimpanzees are better than people.  That's not up for debate.  The science is in.

So when one of them befriends us, it is a reassurance that the human race must have some redeeming qualities.  Something the wonderful chimpanzee can see within us that we somehow cannot.

And with that out of the way, get ready to have your heart broken.

A video has surfaced from last year which shows Mama, a 59-year-old chimpanzee resident of the Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands, on her deathbed being visited and cheered up by an old HUMAN friend.

And it will tear your heart from your chest.

Mama first met Professor Jan van Hooff in 1972 when she was in the prime of her life, the chimpanzee matriarch of the zoo where Professor Jan van Hooff co-founded the chimpanzee colony.

But the 2016 video shows her terminally ill, curled up in a ball and refusing food and water.  Professor Jan van Hooff visits to pay his respects and after a few unresponsive strokes, Mama turns her head to the Professor.

She immediately recognises him and breaks into a huge smile, a joyous screech and reaches out for him.  Her delight is on full display and for a moment, she is happy.  She keeps reaching out for him and nodding her head.  It's beautiful and if you don't tear up you are a banana.

Mama passed away a week later.

I'm sorry what I just did to your day.

Chimpanzees are the best.

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