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Employee Sleeps As Convenience Store Is Robbed Several Times

A convenience store employee in Sydney’s CBD thought he was taking an innocent nap, but what started as just a bit of shut-eye resulted in a full blown robbery that saw the till, safe and even a cold beverage for the road stolen.

CCTV footage from the store on King Street captured the entire ordeal on Monday night, showing the employee starting to fall asleep at the counter before heading to the back storeroom for a nap.

A man then wanders into the store at about midnight to purchase a soft drink but realises that the store is empty and decides to cash-in on the situation.

In what is probably the worlds most casual robbery, the thief makes no attempt whatsoever to conceal his identity as he walks behind the counter and cuts the cash register free with a pair of scissors.

He then carries the till, which contained about $800 in cash, out of the store. He returns moments late to grab the safe, which he also manages to carry out of the store without question.

The robber returns for a third time into the store but by this time the employee has woken up and has returned to the counter.

However, it’s not until the robber decides to grab a bottle of water and actually pay for it that the employee realised that the cash register was missing.

Instead of freaking out over the robbery, the employee decides to let the man have the drink free of charge. He then came up with a story and told police that two men had come into the store and threatened him with scissors before making away with the till and safe.

It wasn’t until the owner of the store and police watched back the security footage that they realised what had actually happened.

Police managed to locate the stolen cash register nearby, however, the culprit is still on the run.

“It appears at this stage to be an opportunistic crime, it is strange footage for sure,” said NSW Police Acting Crime Manager, David Gates.

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