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Experts Say To Brace Yourself For The "Summer From Hell"

How excited is everyone about today marking the first day of summer?

Good. Try and hold on to that feeling for a little longer because we're in for a SHOCKER.

The heatwave set to sweep the east coast tomorrow - with Brisbane expected to reach its hottest December day in 15 years - is a pretty extreme indicator of the weather to come over the next few months. 

"[Today] is the first day of summer and it is shaping up to be an extremely challenging season with hotter and dryer conditions expected across the state," explained David Elliott, NSW Minister for Emergency Services. 

While today's weather will bring with it a "severe" warning, it will quickly reach "extreme" by tomorrow, with temps looking to reach a full 10°C hotter than the average.

The Bureau of Meteorology have said that "exceptionally intense heatwaves are classed as extreme and will impact normally reliable infrastructure, such as power and transport", reminding people that the elderly and pregnant are at risk as the mercury rises.

But the bad news doesn't end there; months of wet weather has set the country up for a bumper bushfire season, too, as the increased rainfall has led to an increase in plant growth.

When dried out, what was lush greenery can quickly become tindling.

"The wet weather has increased the fuel loads and it's also hampered the fire service's ability to put in hazard reductions," President of the Fire Brigades Employees Union Darrin Sullivan said. "We're about to go into another hot summer and fire dangers are getting worse.

"What we're seeing is evidence of extreme weather that's having an all year-round impact and much more dangerous conditions."

Stay safe out there guys!

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