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Experts Warn A Volcano Could Erupt In Major Aussie City

One of Australia's leading volcanologists has come forward saying that we could have a Volcano erupt in MELBOURNE at any time.

This warning comes as a CGI video showing the damage that could occur from a volcano erupting off the coast of Auckland was released by scientists in New Zealand.

Seismologists and volcanologists in Auckland, an area surrounded by volcanoes, are attempting to analyse volcanic activity to determine when and where the next one will erupt.

And according to scientists, a similar volcanic field exists in Melbourne.

"Mount Gambier probably erupted 10,000 years ago," said ANU's Dr Richard Arculus.

"The indigenous people would have seen that erupting."

According to Dr Arculus, we could see a volcanic eruption in Melbourne similar to that seen in the movie 'Volcano' by Tommy Lee Jones.

"It's not like having Mount Agung in your backyard," he said.

"You could have a lava flow down Bourke Street."

Dr Arculus said that in the film, there was no evidence of that sort of volcanic activity ever occurring in the place where it was set (Los Angeles) but there is in Melbourne and Auckland.

Scientists are so fascinated with a natural disaster like this occurring in a place like Melbourne because it is not the typical location for a volcano to form.

Source: 9NEWS

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