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Did You See A Flash Of Light Or Feel Tremors Last Night?

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? It definitely wasn’t Superman…

Queenslanders have been left questioning exactly what is out there after seeing a bright flash of light in the sky and feeling tremors last night.

According to Higgins Storm Chasing, hundreds of people reported the sightings from Hervey Bay to Yeppoon, while tremors were felt around Gladstone.

In a post on Facebook, the reports were backed by thousands more with some as far south as Nambour claiming they witnessed the phenomenon also.

Queensland Police took to Twitter to respond to the reports, writing that while they couldn’t confirm a meteor shower, they knew some people who could find the truth.

While some questioned if it was in fact an earthquake, the GeoScience Australia website didn’t register any noticeably quakes.

On their Facebook page, Higgins Storm Chasing said they believed it was the result of meteor.

“It looks like a meteorite has impacted somewhere offshore from the general Gladstone area (based off the fact no damage reports have come through),” they wrote.

“This is just our opinion. It's based off the hundreds of reports that have come in.

“There has been next to no footage provided of it because it happened so fast, so all we can do is judge it off what mentioned - it best described a meteor/meteorite.

“It could've been space junk - why a meteor over space junk? Because of the widespread tremor that was felt.”

Ellie Thompson shared footage in the comments of the flash caught on her security cameras.

Aliens? Meteor? Space junk? Superman? Guess this really is one for the X-Files…

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