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Former Model Tziporah Malkah Fined By Court

Celebrity Tziporah Malkah has called on her star power in court after pleading guilty to a night of erratic driving in Melbourne when she reversed into a parked car.

Malkah, 44, the model formerly named Kate Fischer, pleaded guilty to the charges in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday and was fined $1500.

Her lawyer Michael Kuzilny produced a glowing reference from celebrity agent Max Markson who said her behaviour was out of character.

The court was told that on January 3, about 5.35pm, two witnesses saw Malkah driving erratically through Toorak, hitting three roundabouts.

One person followed her and called triple zero before Malkah reversed into a parked car.

Police soon arrived at her apartment and asked her five times to undergo a breath test, but Malkah said she needed to go to the toilet and disappeared inside.

Mr Kuzilny went on to say the star of the 1994 film Sirens was "very financially disadvantaged" and was ripped off in a $2 million Los Angeles real estate scam some years ago.

Just getting the name correct

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He added the former fiancee of James Packer now lived on a pension of $200 a fortnight.

Mr Kuzilny said Malkah returned to Australia in 2000, broke, and lived for a time in a women's shelter where she completed a certificate in community service.

"Friends and family say it's very much out of character for her," Mr Kuzilny told the court of her driving offences.

"She's very remorseful and wishes to give the court some confidence there will be no repeat behaviour."

Malkah was fined and had her drivers licence suspended for 27 months.

Malkah - who wants to become a nurse in Israel - said she intended to contest "police treatment" on the night in question, but would not elaborate on her plans.

"They did not approach me directly or honestly ... I really can't go any further into it until I explore that avenue," she told reporters outside court.

Me & the dashing Michael Kuzilny outside of court 🤳🏻

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"I actually thought I was being pranked by paparazzi photographers (on the night)."

Mr Kulziny told reporters his client had a "beautiful heart".

"This lady's done so many great things for the community in such a selfish, hate-filled world, she's dedicated herself to charities for domestic violence, women's shelters," he said.

"Deep down, she's made a mistake but she's got a beautiful heart."


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