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Beau Ryan Rushed To Bedside Of Fan Who Had ‘Hours To Live'

For the bad wrap footy players get, sometimes the incredible stuff they do rarely gets talked about.

Former NRL player Beau Ryan made headlines yesterday after responding to a message from the best friend of a terminally ill woman names Kia Lettice.

Kia suffers from ovarian cancer and was told she had just ‘hours to live’ as she was treated in Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital.


Her best friend Mahalia Murphy posted a desperate plea on Facebook, ‘URGENT REQUEST!!! Any assistance to boost my friend up? She is currently in Prince of Wales hospital and has roughly four hours to live as she's fighting cancer. 'She wants Greg Inglis or Beau Ryan To come see her. If everyone can share this or get in contact for me this would be much appreciated.'


The post was quickly seen by thousands and soon after the public plea, Beau Ryan, a host of The Footy Show responded - and said he was on his way. 'Leaving Shellharbour now! See you in two hours. Tell her to stay strong,' Beau replied to Mahalia’s post.

By 10pm, Ms Murphy had posted to Facebook: 'Thanks to everyone for making this special moment happen. Beau Ryan you are a true legend man. Can't thank you enough for this moment'. It was accompanied by a photograph of Beau at Kia’s bedside.


It seems Beau’s visit supplied Kia with the boost she needed as her spirits lifted and she fought the cancer about being told Ryan ‘her future husband’, was on the way to hospital.

She always would say while watching the footy show, that’s my future husband there, even though she has a boyfriend' Ms Lettice's first cousin, Shaniqua, told Daily Mail Australia.


Jarrod, a relative of Kia revealed that ‘You were able to see it [her spirits lifting], her eyes opened up more, she was sitting up actually taking photos and smiling.'

Kia’s family are now hoping she will continue to fight with the knowledge that she might be able to see Beau again and eventually meet Greg Inglis.


'She talked to Greg Inglis...he’s in Queensland but he said he will come and see her when he's back and Ryan said he'll make some time to come back and visit her again,' Jarrod said.

Source: news.com.au

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