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Five-Year-Old Boy Is Found Dead Despite 13 Welfare Visits

Police have revealed that child welfare services visited the home of a five-year-old boy THIRTEEN times before his death.

Even more shockingly, officers have confirmed that social workers were able to "substantiate abuse or neglect in eight instances", but never removed Michael Guzman or his five brothers and sisters.

Michael, called Lil Mikey by his family, was found by his mother, Phyllis Reinoso, just after 4pm on Sunday afternoon, with vomit around his mouth; it's believed he had been dead for more than 12 hours.

Reinoso and her 34-year-old partner, Michael Guzman, claim that they left their house in Queens, New York, just before midnight on Saturday but that, when they returned at 2.30am, Mikey was asleep on the couch.

The 29-year-old also told police that Mikey often suffered from seizures, and that she had given him his medication before she left for the night.

However Mikey's brothers and sisters, Jennifer Acevedo, 15, Jazabella Acevedo, 12, Maylee Acevedo, 11, Manny Prince, nine and Mathias Guzman, two, have contradicted their mother's story.

They say that Jennifer put Mikey to bed while his parents were out; Maylee then revealed that, at 11am on Sunday morning, she had put a blanket on her little brother because his skin felt cold.

The boy was found dead five hours later.

The local community is now furious, according to the New York Post, with many wondering why "signs of physical and sexual abuse" were allowed to be ignored.

"How many chances do you want to give these parents, especially when these kids are defenceless victims," one insider told the newspaper. "They would be better off erring on the side of caution and taking the kids.

"You can always give the kids back. When they die, it is too late to take them."

Mikey's mother is blaming the child's epilepsy medication for his death, claiming that the doctor prescribed too large a dose.

New York's Department of Investigation have confirmed that they will look into the Administration for Children's Services' handling of the case.

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