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George Pell's Lawyer SLAMMED For Sickening Comments

Cardinal George Pell's lawyer has come under fire for disgraceful comments about the crimes during a pre-sentence hearing in Melbourne's Victorian County Court yesterday. 

During the hearing, Robert Richter reportedly described his client’s crimes as “no more than plain, vanilla, sexual acts with a child who is not consenting”.

He also insisted that the crimes were at the lower end of the spectrum because it “lasted less than six minutes”.

“It lasted less than six minutes.” 

“There are no physical injuries. There is no ejaculation. There is no recording of the offences for later. No prior history. No breach of trust in the traditional sense. No pre-planning. No use of any implement.”

Judge Kidd bluntly replied:

“So what!?” he responded.

“People make reasoned choices,” the judge told the court.

“That’s what he did and he did it for over five minutes. He exploited two vulnerable boys. There was an element of brutality to this assault. It was an attack.”

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