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Get Ready Brisbane, It's About To Get REAL Hot!

Summer is finally on the way for southeast Queenslanders with temperatures to soar to 35C this weekend.

The emergence of hot weather on Saturday after an unseasonally cool spring will also bring storms to the northern half of the state.

It is predicted the mercury will reach its highest levels in Brisbane since February.

The warmest day so far this spring has been 32C.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michelle Berry indicated it would be a weekend beachgoers should enjoy.

"It was a pretty cool October. The average was about 27.1C and we didn't have too many hot days so this weekend will feel pretty different," she said.

Storms are expected to hit Cairns and surrounding areas before moving further north.

Temperatures are set to drop to about 30C on Sunday and forecasters say a heatwave could also be on the way at the end of next week with highs into the mid-30s.


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