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Girl 'Grabbed, Scratched' By Idiot Wearing A Clown Mask

A teenage girl says she received a scratch after being grabbed by a person dressed as a clown, prompting police to warn people participating in the bizarre Clown Purge craze that they may risk being charged by scaring people.

The 16-year-old girl had got off a bus at Baldivis, in Perth's south, on Saturday evening when three people got out of a car wearing clown masks and dark clothing.

She ran off when when one of the people approached her and grabbed her shoulder.

She immediately pulled away and received a scratch on her neck and kept running until she made contact with police.

The incident followed a post on a Clown Purge Australia Facebook page, signalling clowns would be appearing in Perth suburbs after the release of the new movie IT with it's villain the clown Pennywise.

The creator of the page has insisted the clowns mean no harm but police are unimpressed and say they risk causing a serious incident.

"Those who are dressing up and carrying out silly acts should think seriously about what they are doing - the distress caused to people is unnecessary and may lead to further harm," WA police said.

"By participating in this craze, people may be committing criminal offences and if so they will be charged by police."

Last year, a 19-year-old WA man was charged and received a good behaviour bond after he chased a group of teenage girls while dressed a a clown near a shopping centre.


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